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Ottawa Hospital mHealth Lab

Branding, Web Design, UI/UX

The Ottawa Hospital mHealth Lab is a small research and development team that specializes in creating practical, easy-to-use apps for people to manage their health information. The largest, and most well-known project by the Ottawa mHealth Lab is CANImmunize, a mobile app for tracking your immunization records.

I helped the team design a new web platform for CANImmunize, which would allow the users of the app to access their records on the web as well as on mobile. Endless amounts of wireframing, subtle branding tweaks, easy-to-use UI & UX, combined with a minimalist design were all necessary for the project to succeed.

In addition to the CANImmunize web platform, I also designed a companion website for educational purposes: check it out here.

image of the web client home screen
mockup of the website in a macbook
an overview of the different provincial immunization schedules
screenshot showing the Other Vaccinations tab
screenshot of the account settings page
mockups of the different states that a vaccine dose can be under
screenshot of modal showing where user can add a new vaccine