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UI/UX / Branding / Web Design

Recently, I was trying to find a fellow freelancer to take on some design work, as I was too busy to take on the project, and boy did I have a hard time trying to find someone. Even though I know a lot of people in the industry, everyone was either too busy, it wasn't their type of design or they just weren't interested. Once I exhausted all of my peers, I didn't exactly know where to go and find someone. This is what gave me an idea for a site for freelancers to find other freelancers, and to also find work.

I wanted the site to remain clean and simple so that designers could show off their own work without clashing. It also needed to have a simple navigation system so that you can find what you're looking for quickly.

screen showing a grid of available freelance work
a detailed information screen on a freelancer
mockup of an iphone and android showing a welcome screen and freelancer grid
mockup of business cards
mockup of phone and monitor showing the navigation and home screen
wireframe of the freelancer grid
wireframe of the detailed information